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How Physiotherapy can help:


Everlasting Physiotherapy specialises in elderly rehabilitation, frailty, post orthopaedic surgery and improving balance.


  • Reduced mobility

  • Arthritis

  • Post surgery

  • Falls

  • Stroke

  • Long term conditions such as Parkinsons

  • Reduced balance and strength

  • General fitness

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Each treatment is chosen dependent on the individual, it is based on clinical experience and evidence based. Some example of treatments include:

  • Soft tissue release (massage)

  • Joint Mobilisations 

  • Exercise 

  • Activity Modification 

  • Electrotherapy - ultrasound, TENs, phototherapy 

I also run some Falls and Balance Classes in some local care homes in Wiltshire, please enquire if you feel your care home would benefit from these classes.

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