Small​ Animal Home Visits

Initial Assessment :£70

Follow Up: £60


Accepted on a case by case basis


(Please note 10% discount does not apply for human clients)

Equine and Farm animals

Initial Assessment: £80

Follow Up: £70

Multi-Pet Discount

£10 deduction for each additional animal seen

Over 70's

10% Discount

I am delighted to offer a 10% discount for the over 70's.

Terms and Conditions:

Below is an overview of terms and conditions; the full terms are find in the below documents. Prior to appointment it would be much appreciated if you could email a signed copy. A paper copy can be provided on initial appointment if unable to sign prior.

  • Payment to be received within 24 hours of consult

  • An invoice receipt will be emailed post-treatment 

  • Price includes travel (providing within the "Areas Covered" map, if outside this area, please contact for travel rates)

  • Payment methods:

    • Bank Transfers (to be received before leaving your property)

    • Card Payments

    • Cash

  • We do deal with insurance companies but request payment from customer, for the client to then claim from insurers

  • Insurance claims forms will be completed free of charge 

Animal                  Human